Bespoke Buying

Investing your own precious time and effort in a property search can be exhausting!

The experts at EPC can reduce the time and stress involved.
  • Understanding all your property requirements and researching prime options
  • Curating a list of potential properties that fulfill those requirements perfectly
  • Arranging viewings, valuations, and negotiating the best deals and offers
  • Managing the entire acquisition process by liaising with agents, lawyers, and surveyors
  • In-depth knowledge & insights into the London market and global property trends
  • Impartial and expert advice during all phases of the search & negotiation
  • Access to off-market properties that can help you find an exceptional property at a price that’s right for you!


At Eaton Property Consultants, we take care of all the details of buying, relocating, letting, management and sales so you can focus on your family and business interests.